Petal and Joy Flower Farm, LLC started in 2021 when Karson, the lead seed slinger, decided to turn her passion of flowers into her biggest dream yet. Here, flowers aren't just flowers. They are reminders that there is joy in the small things.


The farm is operated by Karson and David, with help occasionally from 2 small kiddos and a few chickens. 


We grow flowers on roughly a 1/4 acre. It was important to us since day one to grow organically and sustainably as we can. We never spray any pesticides and we really focus on giving back to the soil what we take from it. 

We are selling our flowers at our brand new farm stand at the front of the farm. Send us a message if you are interested in buying a bucket of flowers for a special event. We also sell wholesale to businesses. If you're a florist or designer and are interested in working together then please send us a message.

We cannot wait to share our flowers with you this year!


We know that flowers can bring joy to many people for many reasons, be it through past experiences in nature, fond memories with loved ones, or their simple beauty. The sight or smell of that special flower can spark that memory back to your thoughts and all the emotions will come with it. We are a flower farm and we love flowers. We sell flowers for many reasons, but one of the core drivers for starting the farm has always been to be able to donate flowers to those that may need the joy that flowers can bring back to them. For every bouquet that we sell we donate a minimum of one bouquet to a local charity. 


In our first year we expect to donate hundreds of bouquets!