Welcome to Petal and Joy Flower Farm

We are a family owned farm growing organic specialty cut flowers with a passion for impacting our community through flowers. Because we want our customers to feel safe using our flowers we grow without pesticides or herbicides. We also use regenerative farming techniques to ensure that not only our land is healthy and vigorous but also our blooms too!

We currently sell our flowers at our flower stand located on the farm. Additionally, we sell by the bucket for events, and wholesale bouquets to businesses. 

If you're a florist or designer and are interested in working together then please send us a message.

Kindness is beautiful - Centrica Care Navigators.png

Announcing a partnership with Centrica Care Navigators.

We have partnered with the local hospice, Centrica Care Navigators. We are donating a minimum of one bouquet for every bouquet that we sell. In the first week alone we donated 28 bouquets, and we deliver fresh bouquets every week. When you support the Petal and Joy Flower Farm you can feel proud that your support carries through to those in hospice care.